All supplier information, including complete or incomplete catalogs, is subject to change withour prior notice.
There may be products contained in an existing data source which may nolonger be available from a supplier.
A supplier may have new products which have not yet been added to an existing data source.


MusicKix offers retail music store productivity tools which can save you and your staff time when it comes to loading and updating your own inventory items and website product pages. This pages contains information on various MS SQL procedures which we allow retailers to access.

In order to access these procedures, you must first go to and register (create a username & password). The username that you create is the username that you will need for the following procedures. Before you are allowed access to the following procedures, we must grant you access to the MS SQL database. This can be accomplished either via email or telephone and  after full payment/setup is received.

You will also need your NAMM member ID or your RPMDA member ID to complete the setup process.

NO EXCEPTIONS. If you belong to another music industry trade organization, that organization must first contact us prior to account setup/approval. This service is limited to music retailers & suppliers who own and/or maintain a legitimate brick & mortar retail store, retail website or manufacturing/distribution facilities. It is not available to musicians, artists, recording studios or other individuals. If your only retail sales channel is Amazon, eBay, Reverb, Craigslist, gbase, Facebook or a similar website (according to our judgment), further inquiries will be made by us and approval will be granted or denied at the discretion of Myles Enterprises, Inc and its employees.

Subscriptions are due & paid monthly, either by credit card or check. Access will be denied if payment is not received within 14 days after your trial period or within 15 days of your subscription expiration.

The subscription rate is $35.00 per month per corporate brand for data access. As an example, if your corporate name is BigMusic and you operate stores/websites under the names of BigMusic, KillerMusic, and WanabeMusic, you must purchase three subscriptions (logins). If you are a POS provider, each retailer brand must subscribe to the MusicKix MS SQL service who desires access to the database.

There are no additional per computer/IP charges at this time. Access includes both access via and MS SQL procedure access. An additional charge of 15 cents is charged whenever you access the detail of a product from the Master List. This 15 cents fee is only assessed once per product.

Once you have purchased the product/item package, you have access to all product updates, price changes and status changes for that item, free of charge, provided your subscription is active. Your account will be billed every 30 days for accumulated charges (Monthly membership fee and item details accessed.)

Every item that is purchased/downloaded will have a personalized “store brand” tag line added to the long description of the product, i.e. “This and other great products can be found at KillerMusic in Dacron, Ohio.” Each subscription/login must have its own tag line. The tag line must contain the brand name of the subscription/login and cannot contain any other brand name other than the brand name belonging to the login.

If you are calling one or more of the following procedures from a public website and the number of procedure calls is excessive (in our opinion), we may access an additional cost per procedure call for the increased overhead created. At this time, there are no defined costs per procedure call.

If you are a current subscriber to MusicKix MS SQL services, you may also add our PriceCheck option to your subscription. The cost is an additional $15.00 per month and 15 cents each time a price is checked. This service will show you the various offerings of a specific product as offered on the internet. In order for you to perform a PriceCheck, the procedure will verify that you have purchased the detail for the product. Retailer names are not shown. Please note that not all MusicKix products are currently linked to internet product offerings. UPCs are required for the link to work. If a PriceCheck returns no results, a PriceCheck charge is not assessed. Item detail charges still apply. (Note: PriceCheck is a continuously ongoing process. Please do not be alarmed if this feature for a specific item returns no results initially. You are not charged for zero results.)

 Link to product display example.

You will need the following information to connect to the database containing the herein defined procedures.

Server Name: supplied after setup

Database Name: supplied after setup

username: supplied after setup

Password: supplied after setup


You may only execute the following procedures. All other database operations are restricted.

Master Procedure


This procedure returns a list of products matching certain search criteria. No additional charges are assessed when getting/viewing this list. Most of the remaining procedures are based on the U_Product_ID which is contained in this data set.

NAMM XML Item Document Procedure


This data set contains all of the related information which we have for the product matching the U_Product_ID that is submitted, in the NAMM Standard XML format. Rather than calling each of the next 9 procedures individually, you can simply call this procedure to get all related the product details in one package. What you will not get in this document is multiple supplier names.

Product Detail Procedures


This data set contains the bullets for the product matching the U_Product_ID that is submitted. Note: not all products have associated bullets. An empty data set is returned if there are no associated bullets.


This data set contains product specific details for the product matching the U_Product_ID that is submitted. Detail such as the product description, dimensions, family, brand, etc are included. It does not include SKUS or other supplier/source information. The long product description also contains your default TAG (required - your store name and/or up to 100 characters)  to personalize this product.


This data set contains multi-media details for the product matching the U_Product_ID that is submitted. It includes URL links, captions, etc. for related multi-media including; images, PDFs, zip files, audio, YouTube, etc.


This data set returns contributors for print music products, dvds, & cds.


This data set returns supplier pricing information for the product matching the U_Product_ID that is submitted. It may contain multiple supplier prices. It can include MSRP, cost, MAP/ProNet, and street high/low prices.


This data set returns additional products which are reletated to the product matching the U_Product_ID that is submitted. If you access the detail of a related product, the item detail charge will be assessed to your account.


This data set returns the currently known SKU for the product matching the U_Product_ID that is submitted. It may contain multiple supplier SKUS, UPCs, old product SKUS, etc.


This data set contains the specifications for the product matching the U_Product_ID that is submitted. Note: not all products have associated specifications. An empty data set is returned if there are no associated specifications.


This data set contains the supplier information  for the product matching the U_Product_ID that is submitted. It may contain multiple suppliers. It includes the supplier name, supplier order SKU, etc. It may also contain the URL for the supplier product webpage.


This procedure returns a supplier catalog. If you call this procedure, you will not be assessed an item charge until you access/download product detail contained in the catalog. This procedure is like NS_DLD_Master_MI_Get. The only difference is that it only returns all items belonging to the specific supplier’s catalog.


Additional Productivity Procedures

 The remaining procedure & data sets may be helpful for you own internal purposes. Access to these procedures are included with your subscription. There is no associated 15 cent item detail charge for these procedures.



This data set contains specific supplier details like address , phone numbers, email address, website URL, dealer policy URLs, etc..


This data set returns all Condition types which MusicKix uses.


This data returns a contributor name with mixed case letters in both first-name-first and last-name-first formats. It is useful for standardizing the way contributor’s names are spelled/formatted.


This data set is a tool that returns the world country names and associated country codes.


This data set returns the grade level conventions and variations used in MusicKix data.


This data set returns the world ISO currency codes.